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What is Strive?

Strive is a digital self-development market platform that empowers people to embark on personal development journeys, break bad habits and change lives.

What do we do?

We remove all the work of building a personal self-development brand – structure and sell courses, online marketing, build community engagement and organize live events. The platform covers self-development topics such as wellness, mindfulness, addiction, leadership, and business were Strive certifies creators to facilitate courses and live streams in their area of choice. Community members can easily find and access personalized content and interact with other members. The platform is a combination of a mobile application and a web community that host local onscreen and onstage events to share learnings and elicit change.

How can I join?

We welcome you to take advantage of our community. You can download the app, sign up to free membership or join our paid academy. Just klick on the banner “How can I help” in the right corner and we help you find the right option for you.

To become a STRIVE Guide, a qualification through an audition is required.

Strive Guide Training

Benefits of Traning

Strives platform provide tools to help content creators share and sell certified high-quality courses and merchandise, while hosting onstage- and virtual events to an impactful community.

How do I apply?

To become STRIVE Guide, a qualification through an application is required.

The first step is to just click on the right banner down below ” How can I help” and start a 5 min application process!

So what are you waiting for:)?

BECOME A STRIVE GUIDEEarn While Helping Others

Inspire Others
Strives platform provide tools to help content creators share and sell certified high-quality courses.
Be trained by the TEDx star and the world's foremost communicator David Jp Phillips in how to create content that makes a difference.
Speaking Fees
Strive arrange events and seminars on a regular basis where creators can earn speaking fees.
Strives platform provide the creator with different marketing solutions to help them expand their brand in the self-development space.