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The first web3 storytelling platform for self-development enabling tell-to-earn 

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A world ready to learn and listen to your story

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A social loop of empowerment through stories

Powerful Stories

Find relevant and impactful stories to unlock your potential.

Endless inspiration

Get the spark you need to accomplish your dreams.


Develop sustainable habits and have fun doing it.

Extra community activities

Exclusive events with experts to help you grow even more!

Feeling left behind when browsing Social Media?

Tired of seeing everyone's perfect Instagram life?

Looking to enable success through authentic storytelling?

Get the full story to unlock your full potential instead!

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Meet the Strive team

Andreas Grenthe

A passionate and determined self development leader with experience building massive communities!

Simon Olson
Business Development

A tech investor and entrepreneur working with Y-combinator, TechStars and MIT.

Per-Gustaf Hedberg

X-entrepreneur turned expert communicator & marketer with a passion for community building.

Lukas Philipp
Web3 Strategy

Co-founder of DAC & MetaGameHub DAO. Passionate about building impactful projects for people's life.

Sarah Hellström
Social Media

Content Creator and SoMe guru. Experienced entrepreneur and professional coach.

Phil Thomsen
Web3 Development

Smart Contract wizard looking for new ways to make NFTs interesting for people in a meaningful way.

Tanja Loesch
Social Media

Tanja thrives at bringing value to the community by working on projects with a positive impact on the world.

Andreas Brunell

Knows a little about everything. Lengthy experience as a Sales and Brand manager.

David Viltok

A deeply involved web3 investor with a track record of 100x returns driving crypto communities. 

Thomas Hedeström

A lawyer and X-McKinsey consultant. An experienced and successful investor and CEO of B2C companies.

Greg Hill

Experienced investor & advisor in businesses to help them enhance their Leadership & Operating teams.

Strive (10)

Frequently asked questions

How many Strive Genesis NFTs are there going to be?

There will always be exactly 1000 Strive Genesis NFTs.

When can I buy the NFT?

You are an early bird! Minting date and details to be announced soon. Join the discord to learn more.

Do I need to be whitelisted?

Yes, to buy the NFT you need to be whitelisted. But don’t worry, it will be super simple. By joining the Discord Channel you already fulfill one requirement. Details about the whitelisting process will follow soon!

How much does it cost?

Initial costs to be announced, but as soon as the NFT is traded on the secondary market, every NFT holder can freely choose the price.

What does the Strive Genesis NFT do?

  • The NFT is your ticket to virtual and real-life events hosted by Strive with notable, world-class Speakers.
  • You get exclusive access to a state-of-the-art community. You will find answers to your questions and receive valuable advice regarding entrepreneurship, relationships, self-development, and much… much more.
  • Receive exclusive coaching to be best prepared as a Strive Storyteller and to kickstart your career after the platform launch!
  • Be one of the first who can use the upcoming Strive Storytelling platform. 
  • As soon as the Strive platform is launched, the NFT will unlock the best experience. More on that will be shared soon!
  • We are giving back to our community! Our goal at Strive is to give back in a fun and engaging way. It's for this reason that you can participate in monthly challenges and win great prizes!

What is a Strive partner?

At Strive, we are not working with centralised marketing agencies to build the community. We are! Our marketing budget is almost entirely reserved for you: As a Strive Genesis NFT Holder, you can refer friends or other like-minded people to buy a Strive Genesis NFT for themselves. Up to 17.5% of referred NFT sales are going back to the community!

On which blockchain network are the NFTs?

The NFTs are built on the Binance Smart Chain, which is one of the most trusted, established, cheap and secure blockchains - perfect for the Strive community to grow!

What are the royalty fees on the secondary market?

Strive retains X% royalties on secondary market sales to build the best possible Storytelling community and platform!

What is the maximum amount per wallet?

We are not limiting the amount of NFTs a single wallet can hold.

I got the Strive Genesis NFT, now what?

As one of the utilities, you have access to the very exclusive Discord Channel where you can meet other Strivers. The first step you can take now is to join this Channel and introduce yourself and expand your network!

Can I join the team and help?

We love working together with our community. Simply send your CV and motivation to You can also help us and yourself by joining the community.

Want to invest in your future?

Be a part of the fastest-growing business opportunity & community in the creator economy

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